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Livestreams/Group Pulls/Activities

 Super Bingo
May 1-3 &/or June 5-7
                       Make sure to sign up using the link below and Plaza Bingo will call
                       back! Mention The Slot Cats to be placed at our special table! Lots of goodies for those sitting at The Slot Cats' table! 
Click here to fill out the sign up form

Taco Cat Tuesday Livestreams (Slot Play)
5pm Pacific/7pm Central/8pm Eastern

Private Livestream/Cat Club Members (Slot Play)
6:15pm Pacific/8:15pm Central/9:15pm Eastern
Learn more about the Cat Club by clicking here

Private Livestream/Jazzy Cats (Slot Play)
4:15pm Pacific/6:15pm Central/7:15pm Eastern
Learn more about the Jazzy Cats by clicking here.